Sly and Ghost Gaming Announce Partnership

Sly and Ghost Gaming Announce Partnership

Innovative natural drink designated ‘Official Circadian Beverage® of Ghost Gaming’ 

Scottsdale, AZ. (May 29 , 2024) —Sly, the first natural circadian beverage, today announced a partnership with gaming and esports organization Ghost Gaming.  This partnership will showcase healthy drink alternatives designed to align to the natural sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm, with activations focused on play.

“We are incredibly excited to launch this partnership with Ghost Gaming.”, said Sly Founder and CEO Dr. Amy Czyz.  “Their leadership is dedicated to growing and supporting their gaming community and they always seem to have a beat around what’s next in gaming culture.  So we are honored to partner with Ghost Gaming as we now introduce Sly as a healthy beverage alternative for those who enjoy play.”

“What we really appreciate about Sly is that they designed every ingredient with intention to bring healthy balance whether you are playing, chilling, or sleeping”, said Ghost Gaming Managing Director Julian Caggiano.  “Beyond that our creators, competitors, and community members really just love the product, and so we’re excited to partner with Sly and let the broader gaming audience know there are alternatives out there to sugary and highly caffeinated drinks”.

The Sly Circadian Beverage line all contain researched ingredients approved by the Natural Institute of Health.  Sly comes in Boost (invigorating), Chill (relaxing), and Dream (restorative sleep) and in multiple flavor options.  

With this partnership:

  • Sly tastings will be available across a multitude of Ghost Gaming live events
  • Sly will be supporting online tournaments for the Ghost Gaming community.
  • Sly has also launched an online store where using code GHOST will grant ongoing discounts and special offers associated with this partnership.

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