Ghost Gaming Partners with United Spinal Association of Georgia to Deliver Adaptive Esports and Free Coaching.

Ghost Gaming Partners with United Spinal Association of Georgia to Deliver Adaptive Esports and Free Coaching.

“Nerve Gaming” adaptive esports program, supported by a grant from the Craig H Neilsen Foundation, will use video games and esports to build community among those with spinal cord injuries.

ATLANTA (March 19, 2024) United Spinal Association of Georgia has announced a multiyear partnership with professional gaming organization Ghost Gaming to implement and grow the “Nerve Gaming” adaptive esports program.

For spinal cord injured individuals, video games can provide a stepping stone to move forward in overall confidence, therapy goals, and rehabilitation. People with disabilities also use online gaming to engage in meaningful relationships with people outside their home and to retain a sense of normalcy. Participation decreases social isolation and improves quality of life. 

“Like millions of other able-bodied esports enthusiasts, individuals with disabilities enjoy gaming and want to be active members of this community: playing, competing, creating content, and even earning money,” says Dr. Tepper, President of United Spinal of Georgia. “We are thrilled to partner with Ghost Gaming to give our community access to team management, premier esports coaching, content creation expertise, and tournament organization infrastructure for our growing community”


Features and benefits of the Nerve Gaming program include:

  • Opportunities for individuals with disabilities to try out new technologies and adaptive gaming equipment at partner venues
  • Gameplay coaching for those in the adaptive gaming community.
  • Support for streamers and content creators
  • Participation in competitive esports tournaments
  • Community game nights

"Gaming is for everyone, no matter how you game or who you are," said Todd Harris, CEO of Ghost Gaming.  “Our Ghost Gaming vision is to build a diverse yet united gaming community that extends to those living with disabilities.  We are excited to partner with United Spinal Association of Georgia to support the community with adaptive gaming events and to continue to raise awareness and funding.” 

Nerve Gaming enters 2024 with three primary teams: Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone and plans for regular community game nights and coaching services provided by  Ghost Gaming Academy.  

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