Ghost Gaming get back to Apex Legends with an arrangement to win!

Ghost Gaming declared their re-visitation of cutthroat Apex Legends on Wednesday, June 30 with the marking of Tyler “Sickks” Clark, Gabe “Metro” Matthews, and Scott “Pandxrz” Maynard. The Atlanta-based association last had an Apex Legends crew contending under their pennant in May of 2019.

Ghost Gaming’s new Apex Legends crew of Sickks, Metro, and Pandxrz as of late acquired eighth spot in the ALGS North American finals as ESA Black. The group was one of nine to arrive at Match Point in the nail-gnawing close occasion. They likewise came out ahead of the pack in GLL Community Cups #24 at the end of the week prior to the marking, contending as MST. The group joins G2, Aqualix, and Pittsburgh Knights in the new flood of signings in aggressive Apex Legends.

“Phantom is continually hoping to venture into new titles where we see guarantee and the capacity to help the title and to assemble our image in the gaming space just as in the South East,” Ghost Gaming’s General Manager Tyler West said. “We felt like Apex recently has shown that potential and we have been investigating the serious scene and the local area a significant sum of late until we figured out the ideal opportunity to enter the space.” 

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