Ghost Gaming hosts charity Rocket League gaming tournament

Ghost Gaming hosts charity Rocket League gaming tournament

Ghost Gaming and Skillshot Media, alongside partners United Spinal Association Atlanta, Shepherd Center and Evolve, are hosting a global Rocket League 1v1 event to raise awareness and funds in support of “Adaptive Gaming", with community services delivered by Nerve Gaming!

September is Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness month:
  • Every year ~17,700 Americans acquire a spinal cord injury.
  • ~300,000 people in the US currently live with a spinal cord injury.

The Ghost Gaming Adaptive Gaming Rocket League tournament helps drive
awareness and support services for members of the disabled community who
enjoy gaming.

  • Those living with SCI and disability report significantly higher rates of social isolation.
  • Gaming opens up the possibility for greater connection.
  • Gaming is both accessible and cost-effective once the appropriate assistive technology has been identified, aka Adaptive Gaming.
  • Gaming can be a powerful tool for rehabilitation, with demonstrated benefits for motor control, attention, and pain management in addition to the socialization and outlet for competition.

The tournament is open to 1v1 Rocket League players worldwide!

  • 3,600 gamers participating
  • The hosting tournament platform is, which has generously contributed a prize pool of $5,000 toward this event
  • The event is open to Rocket League gamers across all skill levels and is inclusive to those with or without physical or cognitive disabilities.
  • The unique format allows each gamer to compete against themselves -stringing together their best record of goals and wins during the period of playing 1v1 ranked Rocket League.
  • Top Rocket League players and streamers have also been invited to participate, including Ghost Tenacity, Ghost Basilisk, and others.

Tournament details at